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Additional Netflix movie reviews (one non-Netflix)

I watched a few more thriller/horror movies on Netflix.

Lisa - This is an older movie, but pretty good in my opinion. It’s about a boy crazed 14 year old who insists on seducing older men over the phone. She ends up seducing a serial killer…  I enjoyed the movie.

Forget Me Not - This movie is terrible. Do not watch this movie. It’s the stereotypical scary movie about a popular high school girl (class president of course) who has a crazy psycho neglected friend trying to kill her (kind of). 

Trollhunter - I will be honest - I fought with Ted about watching this movie because I thought it looked stupid. The movie is great - I found it very interesting. The movie is in Norweigien but it’s not difficult to follow along with the subtitles. I’m not sayin git’s the best movie I have ever seen, but it’s not like any other horror movie I’ve seen. If you have Netflix, please give this one a chance.

Session 9 - This movie was in the horror category, but it wasn’t actually a horror movie in my opinion. Three of the actors are also on CSI: Miami, so that was kind of weird. Anyway, it’s about a group of guys who go to remove asbestos from an old mental hospital. It sounds like the typical mental hospital horror movie, but it’s not - it’s more of a psychological thriller. Check this one out!

Death of a Ghost Hunter- So I will admit first off that this movie has terrible acting, but it’s actually a good movie. It’s about this girl who is a very professional and down to earth “Ghost Hunter”. She prefers to do all of her sessions alone, but the owner of the house she’s investigating insists that she has a “crew” with her. The couple of nights they stay there are very interesting; it has a similar style to Paranormal Activity. An uninvited guest from the local church shows up and really creates an interesting twist in the plot. 

The People Under the Stairs - This is my non-netflix movie review. So first off, I’m upset that I hadn’t seen this movie until a few weeks ago. I LOVE this movie. It’s an older one, but the movie is really on point. It’s about a young boy who wants to steal gold from his landlord to help pay for his mother’s cancer treatment. He breaks into their house and gets himself in a crazy situation. Without giving too many details, there’s a bunch of people who live in the basement and the brother and sister who live there keep them locked in there. They have one child, Alice, who tries to help them, but her psycho “parents” punish her if they find out. I don’t feel like I really summarized that movie good enough, so you should just go watch it!

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